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Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association of Rhode Island

Responding to the medical malpractice crisis in the mid-1970’s, the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation established the Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association of Rhode Island by emergency regulation in 1975. The intent of the regulation was to ensure the continuing availability of a stable facility for medical professional liability insurance for Rhode Island healthcare providers. Thirty years later, the Medical Malpractice JUA of Rhode Island continues to play an important role in insuring Rhode Island’s healthcare providers. The MMJUA of RI currently writes medical malpractice insurance and incidental liability for Rhode Island healthcare professionals and facilities. While the state’s commercial insurance companies insure the majority of our state’s healthcare providers, the MMJUA of RI provides insurance for healthcare providers who may not be able to purchase malpractice insurance from these insurers. Today, the MMJUA of RI insures over 600 policyholders including physicians, dentists, nurses and other allied health professionals, hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare facilities. The MMJUA of RI is organized as a mandatory joint underwriting association. The regulation requires all insurance companies authorized to write personal injury liability insurance in Rhode Island to be members of the MMJUA of RI. The Board contracts with an experienced team of insurance executives from Beecher Carlson and Western Litigation Incorporated to manage the day-to-day operations of the MMJUA of RI.

 “The Board was impressed with Beecher Carlson and Western Litigation’s revolutionary business platform and their energy, enthusiasm and leadership. We are confident that they will enhance the quality and responsiveness of service to our policyholders while at the same time, develop operational efficiencies that will allow the MMJUA to continue to offer reasonably-priced malpractice insurance.” - Maura Travers, Chair of the MMJUA of RI

Beecher Carlson

Beecher Carlson is an insurance brokerage and risk management consulting firm dedicated to delivering revolutionary solutions and services. By using a combination of resources that includes analytics, technology and services, Beecher Carlson assesses and models risk in a way that supports each client’s unique operational culture and key risk differentiators. Unique to Beecher Carlson is the accessibility of its seasoned and specialized teams of owner-executives who take the time to truly listen and understand all the drivers affecting risk in order to develop and manage the right program for every client, every time. A privately held company since 1981 with corporate offices in Atlanta, Beecher Carlson also maintains operations in Bermuda; Boston; Irvine, Los Angeles, Walnut Creek and Woodland Hills, California; Denver; Honolulu; Portland, Eugene and Medford, Oregon; Minnesota; Gulfport, Mississippi; New York; Nashville; Providence; Tampa, and Burlington, Vermont. For more information, call 800-657-0243 or visit www.beechercarlson.com

Western Litigation Inc.

Western Litigation Inc., a division of Arthur J Gallagher, is one of the leading malpractice claims and litigation managers in the nation. Staffed by professional liability trial attorneys and professional claims personnel, Western Litigation provides clients with aggressive litigation and claims management services and expertise not available through traditional insurer-operated claims management facilities. For more information, call 800-588-0619 or visit www. westernlitigation.com.

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