Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I contact the MMJUA?

a. All correspondence should be directed to the Rhode Island MMJUA offices at One Turks Head Place, Suite 200, Providence, RI 02903 Phone: 401-369-8240 Fax: 401-369-8241

2. What do I need to get a quote?

a. Prior to completing the application online please have available all personal information along with your RI state license number. Complete the online application and enter the submit button at the end of the application. This constitutes an electronic signature.

3. Will my billing payment options change?

a. Your billing payment options will remain the same. You will have three payment plans to choose from.

  1. Payment of the full annual premium; or
  2. A quarterly payment plan with a minimum deposit of 50% of the premium and the remaining balance in two quarterly installments of 25% each. No finance charge is applied; or
  3. A monthly payment plan with a minimum deposit of 25% of the premium and the remaining blance in nine monthly installments. A finance charge of ¾ of one percent of the outstanding balance will be added to each of the installments. The finance charge will not be written off should payment be made in full or in advance of the installment due dates.  


4. Where do I send my payments?


a. All payments are to be sent to the Rhode Island MMJUA office at 1 Turks Head Place, Suite 200, Providence, RI 02903.

5. What do I do if I have a claim?


a. As an insured, it is essential that you notify our office as early as possible if an incident occurs that may lead to a claim or if a claim has been made against you. Your claim specialist can then immediately go into action to protect you. Please log in and locate the Report a Claim tab, download the Claim Advisory Notice and fax, along with any additional information that you may have, to 401-369-8255 or scan and email the form to Donna Cacicia at Donna_Cacicia@westernlitigation.com.


6. What do I do if I forgot my password?

a. Click here to obtain a new password.

7. How do I change my user name, password or security question?

a. Click here to change your password. You have to login to make changes to your user profile.

8. What is credentialing and how can I get my report?


a. In order to qualify for privileges at a health care facility or to participate in a managed care organization, a physician must meet the criteria of the credentialing process. The review includes an examination of the physician’s education, license, certificates, evidence of malpractice insurance, and a claims history. The Rhode Island MMJUA can assist you with this process by providing a credentialing report that contains up-to-date information on your malpractice insurance policy and claims history. To obtain your certificate of insurance and current claims experience with the Rhode Island MMJUA please send request to Donna Cacicia via fax @ 401.369.8255.


9. Will I ever be personally liable for a malpractice claim?

a. Possibly. If you are not covered at all or are inadequately covered by a medical malpractice insurance policy, you could become personally liable in a malpractice lawsuit.

10. What do the coverage limits mean?

a. A $1,000,000/$3,000,000 limit means that the most that would be paid on any medical incident is $1,000,000 and the number of $1,000,000 claims that could be paid on your behalf in a year is 3, for a total annual aggregate of $3,000,000.

11. What is a "claims-made" insurance policy?

a. A "claims-made" policy covers claims made against you only while the policy is in effect. If purchasing this type of policy, you should be aware that "tail" coverage may need to be purchased.

12. What is a reporting endorsement or "tail" coverage?

a. Tail coverage is usually purchased when you terminate a claims-made policy for any reason and is purchased from the carrier that provided your original coverage. It allows you to continue reporting claims for the years that you were insured under your original policy

13. What is an "occurrence" insurance policy?

a. An "occurrence" policy covers you for alleged acts of negligence that occurred while the policy was in effect. It does not matter if the coverage is in effect at the time the claim is made.



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