The real test of an insurance company is its response when you have a claim. With so much at stake, you want the quick response, aggressive management, and best possible claim service from the best claim staff.
The MMJUA of RI allows you to select defense counsel from among Rhode Island’s leading malpractice defense attorneys.

Thorough Investigation
The allegations are investigated through statements, expert reviews, research and other appropriate means. After the investigation is complete, a strategy for resolution, either through settlement or defense, is then determined.

Reporting A Claim
Please log in and locate the Reporting A Claim tab.
The MMJUA of RI claim team consists of experience legal counsel and claims professionals who manage the claim and litigation process to timely resolution. Claims for the MMJUA of RI are managed by Western Litigation, Inc. Western Litigation, Inc is a litigation management company staffed by professional liability trial attorneys and professional claims handlers. Formed in January 1994 to address the needs of insurers and self-insured institutions for aggressive litigation and claims management, Western Litigation uses its professional experience and state-of- the-art technology to proactively manage the claims and litigation process predominantly in the healthcare industry.

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