JUA AGENT NOTICE – 9/29/2021

JUA AGENT NOTICE – 9/29/2021

Subject: Password changes to the MMJUA website

The MMJUA of RI, is required to comply and implement security standards to protect our company against cyber threats. Effective April 2, 2021, we implemented a policy for all users of our website to reset their password EVERY 90 days. This change applies to all who access the MMJUA portal.

Please note:
• If you only visit our site once a year you will be required to create a new password at that time
• Once you create a password, you will have to change it every 90 days
• The system automatically rejects the old password. (which will generate an error message)

Your new password must contain:

12 characters, with upper case and special characters

Please visit our website and find the Login Screen:
• Please enter your email address in the Recover Password box (top right).
• Please use the email address on file with us. (Our system only allows one email per user)
• Next, you will receive an automated email message with your temporary password (please check your junk box)
• Next, go back to login screen and enter both your username (username is not generated by our system, it was created by user) and temporary password in the Log In box (top left)
• You MUST change this temporary password as soon as you login the very first time.
• The New Password must be: 12 characters long, with upper case and special character
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